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Highlighting the differences Between Narrative Essay and Reflective Essay

Usually, students mingle the concept of narrative essay and reflective essay with each other. In this article, we will highlight the differences between both writing pieces. 

There are over a dozen types of essay writing, and in most of the essays, there is a thin line that differentiates them from each other. Mostly, when it comes to writing a deep-dyed essay on narrative essay or reflective essay, the students mingle the concept of both writing pieces with each other. Let's highlight both the writing pieces' central theme and the differences between them so that the students do not get confused while writing a detailed narrative or reflective essay writing service.

  • What is narrative essay writing?

A narrative essay is one of the major types of academic writing. It demands an essay writer to narrate a detailed text about a real-life incident that occurred in its past. The whole essay should be explained in chronological order. The writer must involve sensory details to make the text compelling. 

A scribbler must highlight all the significant characters and their important role to make the essay complete and meaningful. It encourages readers to give opinions and suggestions on how a particular situation could be handled more carefully. 

  • What is a reflective essay?

The primary purpose of reflective essay writing is the same as the narrative write essay for me has yet it is different from a narrative writing piece. It demands the author highlight an incident that occurred in its past that has brought noticeable behavioral changes in its personality. A writer can involve the sensory details to make the essay compelling. The essay may be composed of one particular event or series of events. 

  • Highlighting the differences between narrative essay and reflective essay
  1. A writer narrates a real-life event before the readers and categorically mentions how he handled that particular situation in a narrative essay. Narrative essay writing's primary watchword is to urge the readers to give their opinion regarding the entire issue, incident, situation, or event. In contrast, a reflective essay demands the author to narrate a specific event and tell the readers about its impact on its lifestyle. 
  2. In a narrative essay, involving sensory details is mandatory. However, there is no such restriction in reflective essay writing.  
  3. It is the requirement of a narrative essay that a scribbler must sensationalize the situation before the concluding remarks. On the other hand, doing so is not mandatory in reflective essay writing.

Usually, students do not spend time on the process of brainstorming and put pen to paper straightforwardly. Ultimately, they get stuck in the middle and fail to fulfill the requirements of both writing pieces. Therefore, students need to think in the right direction and narrate the essay writing service in such a way as required by the topic.

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